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Hey guys! how’s it going?
it is pure rocks here .  we’re back for another Article about clash royale hack tutorials. I’m really sorry for not publishing  for the past week as you know. i was on holidays .

now I’m back in my setup .  I’m ready to make more videos for you .  view it. before the videos starts . i would like to give like Doc’s stone .  like van glory .  deprecated WP gaming for all the credits for this video because they have actually briefly touched on it .  I’m just improvising on their ideas. . as you can see from my screen I’ve actually seeing  Clash Royale Hack  doing the job . he called method or the algorithm as people call it out on my six silver chest .  currently doing it at home. you .  might ask what is this algorithm or method .  I’ve never heard of it. I’m actually going to explain to explain it to you .  now. at first. i was like. i feel for people I’m like mmm is this really Clash Royale Hack or is it just a scam some hack..

watch this glich ! i actually did some research . . i actually asked my friends .  a lot of people online have been actually saying that oh this matter is. useful oh I’m actually getting like all princess sparkies lava hounds from this reaches. this method has been approved by many people . some glitches and and hacks   not only that after I’ve also used my friends device .  I’ve actually tried this. i said they don’t want to rescale my account .  guess what. i got. i love a home that’s just justice that’s just insane .  . before the update you could actually only get the ice wizard but now you can get any legendaries as I’ve said before .  . now I’m going to explain to you .   hacking clash royale is what this algorithm is .  .  after that I’m going to explain to explain to you what to watch out .  what to guarantee to get that legendary card .  as because the magical chess has to be using the right circstances .  situation. let’s get started .  why am. i disconnecting offset there’s. many times. sorry for the bad Wi-Fi things but let’s just get into it. basically just get a magical just r. omly from a barrow .  open all the remaining chests in your chest lot .  keep the magical chest is the only one left this is very important .  sorry for that red single thing you don’t know what to do with it but let’s just keep on going .  then next obtain eleven silver chests from r. om battle .

open them one thing to note is that do not open any other title of chesses in between the 11 chests are silver Chester’s .  also most importantly don’t Jam them that’s very important many people fail because they are restless .  impatient about waiting for those time. next you need to open to go chests .  then with that you can you need to wait for a minim of at least 24 hours .  people will be like.. i can use the app or what. answer to it is like that’s a very good idea that gives you a higher chance or like guaranteed button it doesn’t like deeply a chance if you’re going to .  chat with your clan mates .  all sorts. .  then finally  you need to open. i think if I’m not wrong to free choices I’m correct .  .  then a free silver chest .  lastly boom the next few priests are features would get any legendary card .  you’ll get it for free with no costs .

this method was officially founded by BB gaming aka .  the hack clash royale which I’ve actually previously shut up at the start of video .  he actually opened the coat system of the air .  found it this algorithm all matter as you .  might say ok. after all these steps here are things you need to know. before we get into it. i would like to leave the chest psycho order in the disc there was a new one since the update. let’s get started. before. i get into it let me get rid of this resin thing .  I’ll come back to you .  with a replay. you .  could actually watch something while. i explain to you .  bye .  . . let’s get started. as you can see I’m back obviously us how you .  are even listening to meet heart. to guarantee our legendary card it needs obtained .

magical chairs from the 13 13th or 83rd or 203rd chests of the magical chest thingy it will not work with the 131st one. if you .  actually don’t believe me or you think I’m like a scammer just check the chat cycle in the description to make sure I’m not lying .  of course my gonna lie to you .  .  the reason is because for the 13th .

the two hundred enter magical chest allows you to get 11 silver chances after the magical chest before it fills up your whole chest slot with coach asses however the letter. i got a 130 first magical chest only gives you h. s of witches before infuse up your whole chest your whole chest slot with coach asses therefore it would mess up .  interrupt the chest cycle .  . with that you need to like always look out – which magical chest your order is. if you if yours was like the one. i said why would that wouldn’t work just don’t bother doing it .  just hope for the best for another witch watch as. i guess as. i think if I’m not wrong as for magical chasers .  one of it doesn’t work .  lastly just know that you make sure all the chests are obtained from the same arena or you might not get the legendre you can’t you desire all you want. i will not like to claim on the credit .  you know. i don’t want to be like the one who say like oh. i created a matter or something. i just want to make it known to more people .  . to end off even if it did didn’t all tip off for you we should all give it a try .  I’m pretty sure supercell is gonna patch this thing as supercell wants to burn money from people to buy legendaries. . i mean there’s really no harm to all this .  why did that notification just pop up I’m just screwing up this recording. but nonetheless.. i wish everyone the best of luck join obtain this legendary card .  as as you .  know for my .  . . sorry for the video cutting up.. i actually wanted it just enough .  sing .  say that. i actually got an ice wizard r. omly from the free chest .  .. i hope you .  enjoyed this video .  subscribe if you haven’t already . you don’t really want to use face paint because the faith paint might look too harsh we’re almost done go back with your black paint . use it to paint on your eyebrows I decided to follow my natural eyebrow shape just because I knew no matter what I was going to look. a little bit weird .  I think I would look less weird if I follow my natural eyebrow shape but the pokemon trainer has rounded out eyebrows minds are very arched . I just kept it that way after I’ve done that I take that paint . I create. a line going through the mouth . you want to curve it out. a little bit George or what George hey George anyways just. a little bit at the outer corners of the mouth the one thing i don’t like about body painting tutorials is they take .  long to do . they’re just longer than usual i like my tutorials to be shorter ideally but it’s just too much detailing codes into these look .  i have to explain it anyway the next thing you’re gonna do is you’re going to. a black eyeliner pencil . you’re going to use it to line your entire lash line you’re al.  going to create. a wing with it you want to make sure you create. a nice wing because the pokemon trainer has. a wink you’re al.  going to create. a point in the inner corner of the eye to make the eyes look. a little bit more like the pokemon trainer the pokemon trainer has really long eyelashes especially at the outer corner .  I ended up using the liner to create just. a lash type of design on the lower lash line just like one single lash then I apply mascara . lashes I applied three layers of eyelashes because I wanted my lashes to look huge .  that my eyes would look bigger because the pokemon trainer has big eyes my hair is really long .  I couldn’t create the bangs without using awake .  I had ended up using. a short black wig . I put it on top of my head then I took my natural hair . looped it through the Hat the Hat is just. a black hat i got from michaels . then i used yellow craft foam to cut out the design for the hat . then I glued that onto the Hat .  that’s it for the tutorial I hope you . enjoyed it again give it. a thumbs up if you liked it if you don’t I hope you get nothing but ratatat us when you play . i’m  joking though for real cuz .  many ratatat is anyways I’ll see you . next time take care bye